Santa's Rampage Download

Santa's Rampage Download

It is your duty, as an employee of Polar Sanitation Inc, to clean up the grizzly aftermath of Santa's bloody rampage.

Sandbox Gameplay - Don't want to clean?

Multiplayer - Note: MP is in early beta stages and may have issues still.

Clean - It's your job to clean up the mess, so clean it up you shall!

You have your bucket to wipe off the blood, gloves and incinerators to deal with the chunkier bits.

You can even enlist some friends to come and help you clean up (or make even more mess).

Use your trusty mop, gloves, dispenser machines and sniffer tool to help you get all that blood out of the floor!

Santa; the toy giving folk-hero, and purveyor of fine Christmas goods, has had enough.

Endless requests from greedy children wanting more and more every year, tax increases, pressure from elf unions, bills, reindeer!

It s not as dumb as you d imagine.

You can even enlist some friends to come and help you clean up.

GHz Dual core cpu Memory: 2 GB ram Graphics: 512MB Shader Model 3.

System Requirements OS: Win XP SP3, Win 7 Processor: 2.

It has that odd satisfaction of a job well done.

You can even try and punch-out if you think you've done your job.

10 The weirdest simulation games ever!

Nvidia GeForceGT or amd Radeon hddirectX: Version 9.

Santa's Rampage Download

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